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file  affect.m
file  difdop_get_cor.m
file  dopsp_build_profs.m

function [dop_out]= dopsp_build_profs (dop_in)

file  dopsp_build_specs.m

function dop_out = dopsp_build_specs (dop_in)

file  dopsp_difdop.m

function [difdop_info dop]=dopsp_difdop(in)

file  dopsp_find_allpeaks.m
file  dopsp_find_central.m

function [outm0 outm1] = dopsp_find_central(sk, mesk(opt), sm_lvl(opt))

file  dopsp_find_forwsc_all.m

function out = dopsp_find_forwsc_all(in,d1,d2)

file  dopsp_find_forwsclm.m

function out = dopsp_find_forwsclm(in,l,m,d1,d2)

file  dopsp_find_peaks.m

function [out] = dopsp_find_peaks(sk)

file  dopsp_find_validrange_all.m

function out = dopsp_find_validrange_all(in,n)

file  dopsp_get_freq.m

function out = dopsp_get_freq(in)

file  dopsp_get_fwsrange.m

function out = dopsp_get_fwsrange(in,l,m)

file  dopsp_get_mode.m
file  dopsp_get_noise_lvl.m

function out = dopsp_get_noise_lvl(in,f)

file  dopsp_get_nval.m
file  dopsp_get_nval_all.m

function out = dopsp_get_nval_all(dop)

file  dopsp_get_urange.m
file  dopsp_get_vrange.m
file  dopsp_get_wappspec.m
file  dopsp_loaddop.m

function [difdop_info dop]=dopsp_loaddop(filename,pathname(opt),gui_on(opt))

file  dopsp_loadstruct.m

function out=dopsp_loadstruct(filename)

file  dopsp_nulle_interp_all.m
file  dopsp_pars_gtof.m
file  dopsp_probe.m

function out = dopsp_probe(in,f)

file  dopsp_raytrace.m
file  dopsp_read_acqui.m

function difdop_acqui = dopsp_read_acqui(numchoc)

file  dopsp_read_lent.m

function difdop_lent lent = dopsp_read_lent (numchoc)

file  dopsp_read_tdifdop.m

TDIFDOP = dopsp_read_tdifdop (shot_no).

file  dopsp_read_tsinfo.m

difdop_tsinfo = dopsp_read_tsinfo (shot_no)

file  dopsp_read_verin.m

function difdop_verin = dopsp_read_verin(numchoc)

file  dopsp_sangle.m
file  dopsp_savedop.m
file  dopsp_scptodifdop.m
file  dopsp_str2ws.m

this is a script, which uses dopsp_strvar variable and brings all its fields to the current working space.

file  dopsp_transfer.m
file  dopsp_update_mode.m
file  dopsp_wapp.m
file  dopsp_wapp_lin.m
file  dopsp_wavedec.m

function [wC wL] = dopsp_wavedec(in,dec_lvl,wavelet_type) does wavelet decomposition of the log10(in).

file  dopsp_wavedec_all.m

function [out] = dopsp_wavedec_all(in,dec_lvl,wavelet_type)

file  dopsp_wavedec_lin.m

function [wC wL] = dopsp_wavedec_lin(in,dec_lvl,wavelet_type) does linear wavelet decomposition.

file  find_doppler_max.m
file  get_difdop_cor.m
file  question.m
file  rbrect.m
file  setstrl.m
file  smooth.m

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