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dopsp_wavedec_all.m File Reference

function [out] = dopsp_wavedec_all(in,dec_lvl,wavelet_type) More...

Detailed Description

------------------------------------------ simply does a 'haar' wavelet decomposition and saves the result in [Skw_WC,Skw_wL]

in : input spectum structure
dec_lvl : usually 5, minimum_resolution that may possibly be needed. i.e. min_Resolution->Resolution/2^(dec_lvl)
wavelet_type : 'haar', 'db3' etc. If 'haar' we also do spline interpolation if you don't want splines use 'db1' instead.
out : output spectrum structure

Note that we actually store the wavelet transform of the logarithm however the get_wappspec returns 10^(inv_wavelet_transform);

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