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gui_difdop_true.m File Reference

function varargout = gui_difdop_true(varargin) More...


void button_down (type src, type eventdata)

Detailed Description

This is the main gui file which uses all the other functions. It can be run at nashira.cad.cea.fr in order to view things. or at difdop.polytechnique.fr or any other computer with matlab and with the datafiles, where some functionality would be disabled. Currently it is in pre-alpha development state and is seeing rapid development.

it is started simply by typing


in matlab prompt.

Here is the matlab GUIDE's help about this function:

GUI_DIFDOP_TRUE M-file for gui_difdop_true.fig GUI_DIFDOP_TRUE, by itself, creates a new GUI_DIFDOP_TRUE or raises the existing singleton*.

H = GUI_DIFDOP_TRUE returns the handle to a new GUI_DIFDOP_TRUE or the handle to the existing singleton*.

GUI_DIFDOP_TRUE('CALLBACK',hObject,eventData,handles,...) calls the local function named CALLBACK in GUI_DIFDOP_TRUE.M with the given input arguments.

GUI_DIFDOP_TRUE('Property','Value',...) creates a new GUI_DIFDOP_TRUE or raises the existing singleton*. Starting from the left, property value pairs are applied to the GUI before gui_difdop_OpeningFunction gets called. An unrecognized property name or invalid value makes property application stop. All inputs are passed to gui_difdop_true_OpeningFcn via varargin.

*See GUI Options on GUIDE's Tools menu. Choose "GUI allows only one instance to run (singleton)".


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