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difdop_tsinfo Struct Reference

difdop structure containing time series information. More...

Detailed Description

 struct difdop_tsinfo {
    igintron : time offset (e.g. tnl_Real=ignitron+tnl)
    tIp      : times vector for poloidal current.
    Ip       : poloidal current time series
    tItor    : times vector for toroidal current.
    Itor     : toroidal current time series
    tnl      : times vector for density
    nl       : plasma density
    tfci     : times vector for ion cyclotron heating.
    fci      : ion cyclotron heating power (units?) time series
    thyb     : times vector for lower hybrid heating
    hyb      : lower hybrid heating power time series.
    tq       : times vector for safety factor?
    SQPSI    : safecty factor time series.
    cq       :
    tmin     : 
    tmax     : 
    SAMIN    :
    ta       :
    ca       :
    tR       : times of measurements for plasma major radius.
    SRMAJ    : plasma major raduis time series.
    cR       :
    tZ       : Shafranov shift??
    SZPOS    :
    cZ       :
    tgne     :
    GNE      :
    tidn     :
    idn      :
    ttece    :
    Tece     :
    kece     :
    duree_ip :

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